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A strong, stable, management team

The CIC management team is a highly experienced group of industry professionals. We value stability and loyalty and our leadership team have been together for many years.  They share experience, knowledge and a detail understanding of our company and our clients.

We believe in trust and empowerment so all of our leaders are hands on and have the skills and the authority to address and solve any situation that arises, to ensure great outcomes on all projects.


  • Gustavo A. Hermida President
  • Fred Gallo Partner
  • Jose Torrens Vice President
  • Michael Pabón Vice President
  • Gilberto Sucre Director, North Carolina
  • Joachim Cela Project Director
  • Luis Goméz Project Director
  • Damaris Encarnación Vice President
  • Carlos Hermida Procurement Manager
  • Edwin Carrasquillo Director, Florida